Monday 2 February 2015

Small victories

At the start of the year I wrote a post that set out my making list for 2015 and how quickly the first month of the year has passed.

January has been a productive month mainly due to the fact that my husband has been able to take slightly more flexible work/ office hours and be at home quite a bit. With an extra pair of adult hands around the home things have run a lot more efficiently and it has enabled me to sneak in quite a few knitting moments such as knitting in the car while M drove us to the supermarket. I'm so grateful for the month that we have had together.

Yin Yang Rye Socks for my dad*
Looking back at my making list items for January I have actually finished each of the projects that I aimed to make, plus a couple of extras. I knit the High Water jumper for S, finished the second Rye sock that was meant to be a Christmas present for my dad, sent off a bonnet for my Sydney friends and knit a Garter Ear Flap hat from the Purl Bee blog. I also finished a last minute gift knit for a friend's farewell + birthday party later this week. I knit her Mari Chiba's Chibi Maruko cowl to keep her neck warm during New Zealand's winters. On top of all that knitting I began learning to sew and finished my first project, a super cute bonnet for Miss L. 
Purl Soho's Garter Ear Flap Hat
I'm pleased with this past month of making and it may be a small victory but it still worth taking a moment to reflect and relish over. My list for February - March is probably a bit more ambitious and I've jumped straight in and not wasting any time by starting a Kelly Brooker's Newborn Vertebrae.

Tell me, how do you manage to fit your crafting moments into the day? Any tips for becoming a more efficient knitter?

*I'll explain why the socks for my dad ended up being "yin yang" socks in my next blog post.

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