Sunday 1 March 2015


My little basket of goodies for craftworks today
This afternoon I had the privilege to craft with some very talented and lovely ladies from church. Though our family has been at St Mark's Camberwell for a year now this was the first time that I made it along to the craft group that is quaintly named 'Craftworks'.

Not only was it my first time at the group but it was also my first time crafting in a social group. I mostly do my knitting at home on my own after the kids are asleep and I often find this quite lonely. Not many of my close friends knit or sew and those who do aren't obsessive about it like I am. Hence, it was so refreshing to be at a craft group today.

I also found it such a pleasure to be able to spend some time with this group of ladies who I don't normally get the chance to interact with at church. Being a young mum I generally spend time speaking to the other parents but today was such a blessing. I am excited to get to know these ladies more and to learn not only more about crafting from them but also gaining life wisdom too. These ladies are mothers and grandmothers and they have all had an interesting life and faith journey and I truly believe it is a privilege to journey alongside them while we craft.

Do you attend a craft group? How did you discover it? What do you enjoy most about your group?

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