Friday 15 May 2015

Finished object file: Colour Block Cabled Cowl

The pink with a touch of dark grey is quite a nice colour block combo.
I've had quite a few projects on the go lately and this quick little chunky knit is my latest finished object. Completed in a day it is a great kid sized cowl to make for last minute gift giving.

The pattern is shared for free by Ashley from the 'A Crafty House' blog. She has it typed up on a post . Ashley has an adult version of this cowl on the blog too but I was looking for a quick knit for the birthday of one of my son's kinder friends and this chunky knit was perfect. I really liked the chance to try the crochet provisional cast on and the simple cabling in the pattern was easily memorised.

The super easy cable pattern gives the cowl just the right amount of texture for it's simplicity.
I used some left over Drops Eskimo yarn but ran out near then end so I finished it with some dark grey Debbie Bliss Como. The Eskimo yarn is a 100% wool but it isn't the softest stuff that I've felt and I have a few concerns about it being worn so close to the skin of a sensitive part of the body like the neck. I would have loved to have made it all in the Como because it is a soft merino/ cashmere blend but  I decided to risk it and use the Eskimo because I thought the pink would be more appealing for this little girl.

Because it's for his little friend I roped Sir S into modelling it.
We'll be gifting this next weekend when we attend this child's 5th birthday party. I hope she likes it and won't find it too scratchy against the neck.

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