Wednesday 6 May 2015

What to knit Wednesday: Mother's Day gifts

On my Mother's Day wishlist are some Elske socks. The beautiful card in the background is designed by my friend Irene at Missy Minzy and is available for purchase on her Etsy store.
It's Mother's Day on Sunday in Australia and for this week's 'What to knit Wednesday' I thought I could list some hand knit gift ideas. These are items that I would like to receive or I would likely make for my own mother. As my little ones' fine motor skills are not quite developed enough to handle yarn and needles yet I will just have to hope that future Mother's Days will be filled with these gifts.

When looking for something to quickly knit up for my mum I found this little pattern through Ravelry. Sam has posted the pattern on her blog for free and she has linked to it from the Ravelry pattern page. There are dozens of slipper patterns on Ravelry but I chose this one because Sam used one skein of Quince & Co.'s Owl to make her sample and I just happen to have one skein of Quince & Co.'s Owl Tweet that I would like to stash bust.

The pattern is fairly easy, so far the only thing I have found fiddly was the picking up of stitches after the heel turn. From what I can see, once you're past that bit it's smooth sailing. I hope to have them done by Sunday but if not, my mum actually has her birthday next Tuesday so I allow myself a couple of days extra knitting time.

2. Elske by Merrian Holland.
From the Spring 2015 issue of Pom Pom Quarterly, I would love to receive these adorable socks one day. They would mean so much to me if there were lovingly knitted by one of my dear children. As you can see, I like to dream big. I'm not even at the skill level to knit these gorgeous socks yet and I yet I'm hoping that one day my offspring will be making these for me.

 3. A set of hand knit dishcloths.
This is probably a much more achievable project for little ones. There are many patterns out there specifically for dishcloths/ washcloths, a quick Ravelry search turns up thousands of them. I'm not fussy and would be quite pleased if my darlings worked together and made a couple of knitted squares of any stitch to give to me.

4. Pirra Necklace by Ambah.
I remember once having a conversation with another mum who believed that Mother's Day gifts should always be a jewellery gift. For the fibre loving mother jewellery is still possible. This simple necklace by Ambah is modern and stylish. It's the kind of design that I see a lot of at emerging designers and makers markets these days. The bonus is instead of cold hard metal against the skin, it'll be soft luscious yarn. I don't mind precious gems and metals but I think my yarn obsession leads me to choose soft squishy yarn over metal.

This is not a knitting pattern but a knitting notion; just in case my kids don't end up picking up the needles and loving knitting like I do. Mums deserve a bit of spoiling and this cute little wooden acorn stitch marker case fits the bill in my humble opinion. It is the sort of cute thing that I'd love to have but the practical part of me stops myself from buying because I have perfectly fine stitch markers already. Available from Amirisu's etsy store it's a nice gift that will cost under $30 AUD including postage.

I hope all you mummy knitters out there have a wonderful Mother's Day filled with love and cuddles. What is your perfect Mother's Day gift knitting related or otherwise?

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