Thursday 15 January 2015

"I like what I made, but do you?"

I've been pondering this last couple of days about my choices when making for others. I wonder if the things that I have gifted have actually been to the taste of the recipient or other factors such as is it suitable for the climate that my friend lives in. I am asking myself have I made a good colour choice? Do they even wear cowls? Isn't Texas too warm for a woolly beanie?

A lot of this questioning has arisen as I near the end of finishing the High water jumper for Sir S. I knit the stripes on this jumper with a beautiful grass green yarn but I am doubting my colour choice a bit now because we have suspicions that the dear boy is actually colour blind - particularly a reduced sensitivity to green.

I couldn't resist buying this beautifully soft yarn in a lovely vibrant green

We have suspected that Sir S is colour blind for about a year but I had bought this delicious green yarn long before this realisation and I had always intended the yarn for the stripes on this jumper. Now that I have finally started knitting it I wanted to avoid buying more yarn but unfortunately I don't have any thing else that is suitable for this pattern. 

 The stripes are so simple but such a classic touch 

I like the green stripes and I know that S will still wear the jumper regardless because he is excited that I made him something.  
Did a fit test today and the sizing is looking perfect

But, is it okay to just make what I like when I'm making for someone else? I'd like to hear some thoughts on this, so please comment.

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