Saturday 10 January 2015

Making 2015

I recently read The Craft Sessions' post about her making list for 2015 and this inspired me to get organised with my own making/ knitting list for this year. Building on the fab year of knitting that 2014 was for me I hope that this year will be just as productive.

2015 Making List

Some general aims I have for this year are:
1) To stash less* and knit from my existing stash as much as possible.
2) To knit up those patterns that I have queued.
3) To finish those few projects that I hibernated a long time ago.
4) To give handmade = knitted gifts.
5) To keep trying new things and learning new skills.
6) and under the influence of ex-physio husband; to take care of myself physically as a knitter - stretching and resting the hands, shoulders and neck muscles regularly etc.

Finish Rye socks for Ba
High water for Sir S
Bonnet for Baby Cheng

Baby cardigan for A’s baby no.2
Livie for Miss L (birthday present)
beanie for Sir S (birthday present)

Mitini mitts for SIL** (birthday present)
Windschief for Bro  (birthday present)
Softie for Niece L (birthday present); needs to be sent to USA so I've got to work on it early.

Neon ski bonnet for me; in preparation for our snow trip.
Hat for hubby (anniversary present)
Neon ski bonnet for Miss L; because I want to make a matching hat for my little girl.

Finish Salander leggies for M; which is an overdue present from last year's birthday.
Bella Shawl or Span for me; I think either of these might be a good knit to travel with, but might turn out to be too ambitious.

Start Christmas projects; I know it sounds crazy but some of these presents need to be sent overseas so I better get onto them early.

Socks for BIL
Hat for SIL
Quaintly for Niece L

Scarf for SIL
Socks for Bro
Socks for Ba

Kinder teachers’ presents
cowl for Ma

Christmas stockings for the family

Phew, deep breath in and slowly out. That list looks pretty epic but I'm praying that I will achieve at least this much plus the extra birthday presents and baby presents that will pop up during the year.

Let the adventure begin, or more accurately continue because really there isn't a day where I don't knit.***

*The series of posts from The Craft Sessions about stashing less have been very inspiring and motivating me to exercise some restraint when it comes to yarn buying.

** Abbreviation for Sister-in-Law etc.

*** Except today because the humidity in Sydney is getting to me and I dislike working with yarn when my hands are clammy.

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