Wednesday 14 January 2015

Missy Minzy Cards

I love homemade goodies and I love them even more when they are produced by WAHM (work at home mums). I know the challenges of juggling a busy home life with little kids and I really admire those mums who are brave enough to add work into that. And for those mums who create and sell their own products I am at awe at their creativity, dedication and organisation.

Today I got some cards from a good friend of mine,Irene aka Missy Minzy. We caught up for a play at Bounce Inc. (which by the way is a fantastic way for little ones to burn off some energy) and she gave me these beautiful cards.

I only asked her yesterday if I could buy a set of cards off her since I needed a card for a birthday party we are attending this weekend. My lovely friend not only provided me with a set of cards she also made two fresh designs just for me. I am blown away by her creativity and touched that she worked hard overnight to make a new design for me.

Thanks Irene for the gorgeous cards. I can hardly bear to gift them to their recipients.

Missy Minzy products can be purchased from her Etsy store or at Down That Little Lane. Follow her on facebook and instagram too.

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