Saturday 4 April 2015

I think I need to attend Yarnaholics anonymous

What is there not to love about a sweater lot of Canopy Worsted?
At the start of this year I decided to try to stash less after to reading Felicia Semple's series of stash less posts from her The Craft Sessions blog. I even set it as one of my goals for this year in my making list and tried to mentally match up the projects that I listed with yarns currently in my stash.

Well I need to confess that I have fallen off the wagon and if I really want to be honest with myself and with you all, I have fallen off the wagon, doused it with petrol, struck a match and set the whole thing on fire to burn it to the ground. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic but suffice to say I have failed at the stash less challenge.

Ever since my yarn splurge post a back in late January I haven't done too well with the challenge. This last couple of weeks have just been a complete wash out and I blame it on the horrible time we've been having with the kids being sick, then me straining my back and now me catching the cold off the kids. The urge to buy yarn during this very testing time has been due to the very comforting feeling that yarn brings. Yarn lifts my mood when I am feeling tired and frustrated.

This thistle bloom is such a yummy colourway
After being at home for about 5 days straight with sick little Miss L I felt compelled to visit my LYS, Sunspun for a bit of yarn therapy. While there I bought a sweater load of Shilasdair DK to knit Bristol Ivy's Fairchild pullover from Pompom Magazine Issue 11. I probably won't get to this project until June but I needed to buy the yarn now for some yarny goodness. Even Miss L needed a bit of yarn therapy as she clutched onto a skein of the Shilasdair and cuddled it all the way home.

Like mother like daughter.
Alas, the yarn therapy doesn't end there. A few of days later I popped into Yarn + Co. in Collingwood and got very excited that they are now stocking The Fibre Company's Canopy Worsted yarn. I had been eyeing this yarn for ages and wanted to buy some for Carrie Bostick Hoge's Maeve Shrug. So, I found myself walking out of there with 6 skeins of turmeric coloured Canopy Worsted and I love it. 

This is such a yummy yarn to work with, it's becoming one of my favourites.
I can't wait to start on this project even though I have many other things of my list to get through first. In the mean time I'm being a good knitter and swatching the yarn. This is like getting a small 'hit' of the yarn in preparation for the real thing. I have to say I am loving this yarn which is a merino, alpaca and bamboo blend. I recently used it in quetzal colourway to knit a Garter Ear Flap Hat and love love loved it.

So squishy and cosy for the coming winter.
So there you have it, "My name is Rebecca, and I'm a yarnaholic."


  1. Loved your name is Judy, and I too am a yarnaholic!
    I found you through the Woolful Rav group, where I was admiring your Moto Vest. I have not knit it yet, but love your yarn choices. I'm knitting the bunny instead - actually three of them.

    1. Hi Judy, Thanks for reading my post. I'm just starting out as a blogger so I really appreciate anyone who reads what I post.
      The Moto Vest is a fabulous knit and I seriously have been wearing it every day since I finished it. Even though the KAL is over it is well worth making.
      Have fun with the bunny making. I look forward to seeing the end result. :)