Wednesday 29 April 2015

'What to knit Wednesday': patterns I'm stalking

Clockwise from top L: Lemon, Fairchild, Rosebud, Cirrus, Baya, SofTrope Sock in Weld
If you're a Ravelry user you'll know what I mean when I say, 'I'm pattern stalking.' Basically pattern stalking is when a pattern catches my eye and I queue it and want to knit it desperately. I think about it a lot and I start investigating yarn options and I look up other people's projects to see what they have done. There are so many great patterns that are available on the Ravelry database, so you can imagine that I pattern stalk a lot.

Here are some of my current pattern crushes.

1. Baya by Mindy Wilkes.
This shawl was featured on the cover of the summer 2014 issue of Pom Pom Magazine. I saw it and couldn't stop thinking about it, so buying that issue of Pom Pom was inevitable. 

The pattern is a crescent shaped shawl that has a beautiful lace edge that sit against a simple garter stitch body. The two sections can be knit in tonal colours or colours in contrast. The pattern designer used two yarns from Canadian hand dyer, Sweet Georgia Yarns. I have had a look at their colour palette and it is seriously sweet looking yarn. So, in truth I not only have a crush on the Baya pattern I also have a crush on the Sweet Georgia line of yarns. However, in my efforts to stash less I will have to be content with a substitute yarn and I think I'll use the SofTrope sock in weld colourway for it.

2. Fairchild  by Bristol Ivy.
Here's another Pom Pom pattern and it was on the cover of the Winter 2014 issue. I am a fan of Bristol Ivy's patterns and this sweater is no exception. It has an interesting design where deep pleats are knit in the front to create a sort of pocket for cold hands. I don't usually attempt sweaters for myself but I am drawn to this because I think it will be a great challenge for me to learn some new techniques.

There is no way I am going to source the suggested yarn without spending way beyond my budget. The Uncommon Thread range is a luscious hand dyed range that is based in the UK. The Posh DK is a 70% Superwash BFL, 20% silk and 10% cashmere; a very luxe yarn that I would one day like to try knitting with. Instead I'm going to try knitting the Fairchild with Shilasdair's Luxury DK in thistle bloom. The Shilasdair is still a really really nice yarn because it's a naturally dyed wool, angora, camel and cashmere fibre and it's stocked at Sunspun.

3. Cirrus by Nancy O'Connell.
I am always drawn to big drapey garments and often think that I need a poncho. The Cirrus pattern is kind of in between a sweater and a poncho. It is a drapey, sleeved garment that looks super comfy and sophisticated. I can see myself wearing this a lot and I would also very much like to try knitting with the Shibui yarns that it is designed for.

4. Lemon by Helga Isager.
I want to knit more garments that I can wear in the Spring/ Summer seasons so that I can keep wearing hand knits all year round. I like this Lemon pattern because it is a simple styled tee that I can see myself throwing on during those warmer months. 

5. Rosebud by Jared Flood.
I have wanted to knit this slouchy cabled hat for around a year now and I have now decided that I'll give it a go with some super soft The Fibre Company, Road to China Worsted. I wanted to make this hat for myself with something that is super luxe and I think this alpaca, silk, camel, cashmere blend is just gorgeous. I want to knit more cable and I think this hat will be a good project to get started with since it only has one main cable panel set in garter stitch.

As you can see, all the patterns that I am stalking is for myself. I dream of doing more selfish me knitting but realistically I am not under any time pressure with these projects. I will take my time and leisurely enjoy the knitting so that there will be no risk that the joy for the craft will be lost.

What are you pattern stalking at the moment?

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