Wednesday 1 April 2015

Stash busting tips please.

My messy bundle of project remnants.
Everything looks so much nicer re-balled.
We're still in the throes of illness here with both kids coughing and sniffling now and I've got a strain in my back, so it's another short post this week. I hope that once I get my head back in the game I will have the brain space to write a much more thoughtful post.

Anyway, with all the time that we have been spending at home under self imposed quarantine I spent some time organising my stash and working out which yarns to pair with which projects. After this bit of planning time I am excited to tackle the stash and knit up some of that beloved yarn into some lovely patterns that I have been crushing over in my favourites list on Ravelry.

While sorting through the stash I also took the time to tidy up the scraps or remnants that I have kept from finished projects. I balled up all of the substantial remnants and I wonder what am I going to do with them. The really scrappy bits I throw in a bag and use for craft with the kids or for tying up gifts, but I don't have too many ideas with the bigger balls that I have left.

So, I thought I would ask you my readers a few questions. What are your best stash busting projects? How do you manage all your scraps? Or are you usually spot on with your yardage and end up with very little scraps?


  1. First thing that comes to mind is Tikki's "Memory Blanket" :) that is, if your scraps are mostly the same weight?

    1. Thanks Tatterz for your comment. My scraps are a mixed lot of weights, but I'll keep that in mind for when I do start to accumulate lots more of one weight.