Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What to knit Wednesday: girl sweaters

It may have been forecast for 28 degrees Celsius today but it was still cool enough for a cardigan in the morning.
As we approach the cooler months of the year in Australia I want to talk girl sweaters in this week's post for 'What to knit Wednesday'. It is with a slight feeling of guilt that I realise I have knitted more for my daughter than for my son but it is because I have knitted more for her that I can compose a list of 5 patterns of girl sweaters (pullovers and cardigans).

1. Livie designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge.
I wrote about this gorgeous cardigan in a 'Finished object file' post a couple of weeks ago and you can read about it there. I love this pattern and I will probably knit it again when Miss L grows out of her current one.

Keeping cosy at the park in Camilla Babe
2. Camilla Babe designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge.
As you can guess I am a bit in love with Carrie's designs which is totally understandable once you have a look at her patterns from her blog. I knit the Camilla Babe as Miss L's winter pullover last year and I made it a generous fit so I am certain to get another year's wear out of it. Knit with a simple fan pattern set within garter stitch this pullover is the perfect balance of an everyday sweater with a little bit of fancy for a special outfit too.

Carrie designed this pullover to be knit seamlessly from the bottom up and it was easily adapted to make the size larger. I added 3 extra sets of the fan pattern before dividing the piece for the armholes to give the jumper a longer body and I knit longer sleeves that I rolled up a little last year. Take a look at my Ravelry project notes for more detailed MODs.

It was such a lovely cosy jumper for Miss L last year and I am glad that we get to keep wearing it this year too.

Technically not a sweater, but when Miss L went through a stage where she hated putting her arm through sleeves, I decided that a poncho would be the solution. I first came across this pattern when I was searching on Etsy for a handmade poncho and I noticed that a few different sellers were making this poncho. Then I had a light bulb moment, "Maybe I can find this pattern and make it myself." and I hit the jackpot. Not only did I find this pattern it was also available as a free download.

As far as designs go it couldn't get easier or quicker than this pattern
This pattern is incredibly easy and a very quick knit. Using super bulky yarn and 8mm needles it only took me a week and a half to finish it. Again, I am getting heaps of wear out of it because it easily drapes over the shoulders and has just gotten shorter and shorter as Miss L has grown. Initially I thought some arm slots would be good on the poncho because the length equaled Miss L's entire body, but now that it is short enough to just sit over the elbows it does perfectly well without arm slots.

Miss L's Everyday top was worn nearly everyday of her first winter
4. Everday top by Anna and Heidi Pickles.
This pullover is exactly what it's name suggests; an every day top. The Pickles girls designed this with simplicity and warmth in mind, much like most of their designs. By choosing some luscious high quality yarn to knit it with, it becomes that special hand knit item that is a joy to wear every day.

Knit seamlessly in the round from the top down the pattern is offered in size 6-12 months for free from the Pickles blog or you can buy the pattern and have all the sizes from 6 month to 8 years. The purchased pattern also has instructions to make a long sleeved boy version of the every day top which I haven't had a go at yet but since the sizes are all the way up to 8 years I can still make it for Sir S next year.

5. Wee Melia designed by Ysolda Teague.
This is one of my queued projects and I've even purchase the yarn for it. I love it because every little girl needs a little red hooded outfit. This beautiful jacket has a lovely honeycomb border to give it that special look and the simple single button clasp makes it a easy to put on garment just like the Livie cardigan.

Image source: Ysolda Teague
I have set aside some beautiful Cephalopod Traveller DK yarn in Gallifrey colour way; this yarn is a discontinued range because Cephalopod was an indie dyer who stopped dying due to health reasons. I'm glad I snapped up this yarn and I will enjoy knitting with it for this pattern.

Gallifrey is the perfect colour way for a Doctor Who fan.
Share your favourite girl sweaters. What have you knit and loved?

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